Why You Sweating Me?

“I don’t know. Maybe I was just out in the sun too long, or maybe you scared me when you snuck up on me that way. Nobody can sneak up on a man like that without expecting to get caught at least once, right? So what are we talking about here? You got something for me? Or is this your thing? All-purpose intimidation tactic for dealing with people who want things from you—or worse yet, someone who doesn’t want to give them up anymore than they already have. I hope it isn’t the latter because if so… well let’s keep rolling with this conversation and see where it takes us… because I do not need anybody getting spooked by some crazy shit happening around here when there are plenty of other ways to deal with that problem without making life hell for everybody else in town…. Got it! Now tell me what brings you into my humble little office today.—and why didn’t somebody stop him before he did whatever he did? He shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near anything dangerous until he gets his head back in the game again…. Okay never mind… but since I finally decided to talk to one of his clients instead of turning him over myself—sorry ‘bout that—let me explain how things work around here: We usually only get involved when one of our clients wants us involved; since nobody ever does any business with Mr. Ar

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