Why Was The Dog Sweating?

Why did he have his shirt off?

What kind of dog was it anyway?

How To Get Out Of Doggie Jail

The key to getting out of dog jail is to maintain a calm, cool demeanor when the police come for you. If you show any fear or anger toward them, they will automatically assume that your dog is dangerous and need to be shot immediately. This can happen very quickly if an officer doesn’t believe that your pooch isn’t going to turn into a man-eating monster in a matter of seconds. I’m not saying this sorta thing happens every day but it does happen enough times for me to know what I’m talking about here! So always remember: Calm down and keep your cool no matter what the cops say!

And don’t beg them for mercy! They probably won’t grant it anyway because they’re not actually sorry at all about locking up poor old Fido. In fact, they might even make fun of you behind their back like “WTF?” or some other variation on those words (that’s why we never talk about our problems with people who are officers). But mostly they’ll just tell you how bad dogs are these days and how badly trained they are which makes them more likely than ever before to shoot big ol’ mutts like yours without hesitation or reason whatsoever. Just do yourself a favor and stay quiet during questioning; nobody needs an upset neighbor calling 911 because her new Jack Russell got

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