Why Wake Up Sweating?

What about the aches and pains from being so tired? The headaches from not eating enough? The social isolation from feeling too sick to go out?”

“As well as all that, there’s really no point in going through it. I’m only twenty-two years old and already I’ve got a three-year sentence ahead of me.” He paused for a moment, looking down at his hands. “I don’t want to spend my life locked up in an institution.” His eyes met hers again. “Don’t make me do this,” he said quietly, as if reading her mind again.

“Maybe we can find another way . . .” she started but stopped when he shook his head firmly.

He looked away now; the anger was gone now too: just resignation and sadness once more: “You’re right – there is no other way – not unless you want to buy something off someone else.” He glanced back at her with a rueful smile on his lips: “My dad has contacts – people who deal drugs – I told him what you were doing but he says they’d pay ten times more than your legal price anyway! If we agree straightaway then it’ll still take time before they can get things together so don’t worry about it until tomorrow . . .” Professor Edson picked up the phone on his desk and spoke into it quickly before adding, frowning slightly as if remembering some lost information or forgotten instruction : “. . . No

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