Why Sweating?

“I just… I don’t know. It’s like all the stress of last night is coming out now, and I’m having trouble controlling it.” She looked down at her hands, then raised her head to meet my eyes again. “It’s not normal for me to be this nervous about something as simple as a job interview!” she said with an annoyed huff. “Look what you did to me! You made me fall in love with Nala—Oh God, I’m already starting to sound completely pathetic…”

My heart ached at the sight of her face contort into that pain-filled expression; no wonder she felt immobilized by nerves. The way she was feeling right now had nothing to do with how cute she looked when we were first together—it had everything to do with how much more confident and assertive our relationship has become over time. Once upon a time, if someone asked us whether or not we loved each other, it would have been hard for either one of us answer without some hesitation or doubt creeping in somewhere along the line… but these days couldn’t feel any different even if they tried… Couldn’t they? Shouldn’t they? What am I thinking…? Come on Joshie—think straight for once! Her instincts are telling her that there must be something wrong between us right now because things have changed so drastically since we first met back in college…. And while

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