Why Sweating While Eating?

” and it’s a great question. Whether you sweat while eating or not, there is one very important thing to remember:

You can get fat just by smelling food!

Yep, believe it or not, without even tasting the food I am thinking about right now (butter!) I can still get fat because my body thinks that this smells like something delicious and wants to consume it. I mean come on…wouldn’t YOU? 😉 And here’s an interesting factoid for ya: when we smell something tasty our brain starts releasing dopamine which makes us feel good! Now combine all of these things together and soon enough your belly will start rumbling with hunger pains. Sound familiar?? The only way out of this trap is to stop smelling the food before you eat it!! It sounds hard but trust me; if you do this once in awhile you won’t notice any differences at first however after 3-5 days your stomach will start feeling full faster thus helping control your appetite too. This is how people stay lean year round; they don’t give up their bad habit of constantly smelling/thinking about foods before they eat them. Instead they use their sense of smell as a guide instead (quietly) eating whatever the heck pleases them most at that particular moment in time without having to think much about what exactly they are actually consuming in order to sustain themselves throughout their busy day or night activities! So go ahead take

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