Why Sweating Too Much?

I feel like I need to add a disclaimer, just in case anyone thinks that the title of this article is innacurate. The fact is that there have been many studies published on excessive sweating and all have used different definitions or measurement methods. As a result, results from these studies are not always consistent with each other. For instance, one study found a correlation between excessive sweating and stress levels while another concluded that it was merely an aesthetic issue! In addition to being inconsistent in their findings, some researchers have also chosen to focus solely on men while others considered women as well. Furthermore, some studies only examined the condition under laboratory conditions while others did so using clinical settings (sitting or standing).

The good news about this diverse research conducted over decades is that we do know quite a bit about what causes excessive perspiration (hyperhidrosis) – at least when compared with how much we still don’t know! We’ve come across several theories but none can be said for certain since they haven’t yet been proven by controlled experiments:

nervous system problems triggering sweat glands’ response;

bioterrorism agents not removed efficiently;

chemical imbalance in body fluids;

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