Why Sweating So Much?

“It’s a cold sweat, mate. I think we should get ready to go out and look for them. You can put your top on now if you want–don’t worry about the stains, they won’t be visible since it will all be washed off by the time we reach shore. Now remember what I said: don’t use that knife, or any weapons at all unless absolutely necessary; try not to fight with anyone; and keep walking as slowly as possible! We don’t want another experience like last night…it may come in handy some day…but right now is not such a good time for it….

We both wrapped our cloaks around us and set out across the darkening woods together once again without saying anything more to each other than an occasional “Humph! If only there was something more we could do besides this useless walking! But there isn’t, so let us hope that tomorrow will bring better luck…. And maybe then we might find those wretched sailors who have been causing all of this trouble…. At least perhaps one of them has survived….No matter how many times he says he is going back into town with me––and no matter how many times his companions say just the opposite––I am going back alone…to see if he really is going to return…or whether instead he has decided against coming after all.”

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