Why Sweating Is Good For You?

There are several theories about why sweating is good for you. One of the most popular (and the one I believe to be true) is that it helps wash toxins out of your body by removing them through urination and/or bowel action. Another theory says that it aids in digestion, which can help with weight loss due to its water-binding effect. It also helps keep your skin healthy because sweat carries bacteria away from wounds and brings it into contact with air so they can become free of germs.[11]

Of course, there’s no denying that stinky feet are part of life! But do you know what else goes along with having smelly feet? Smelly underarms, too! How bad could those be? Well…pretty bad actually.[12][13] And don’t forget dirty armpits! They’re not much fun either—especially when you have a problem like halitosis or acne.[14] So if any or all of these things seem to bother you on occasion, consider putting some time aside today to give yourself an over-the-counter foot spray treatment at home. Your health will benefit greatly as well as your appearance will improve almost immediately after using this method regularly!

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