Why Is Sweating Good?

Sweating is a healthy response to heat and exercise. Sweating helps keep the body cool by warming up the skin, which then loses heat through evaporation. With repeated exposure to moderate temperatures for prolonged periods of time, your sweat glands become less active or stop producing sweat altogether—a condition called hyperhidrosis. If you have this problem, try one of these remedies:

Drink a sports drink before exercising in hot weather. Sports drinks contain carbohydrates that fuel activity and also have electrolytes needed to support muscle function during intense endurance activities. For those with hyperhidrosis problems, drinking 2–3 8-ounce (250–500 ml) glasses prior to running or other hot-weather exertion can help restore sweating function to normal levels within 30 minutes after beginning activity. Alternatively, eat 1 ounce (30 g) of carbohydrate along with each meal; however, be careful not overdo it if you’re prone to high blood sugar levels!

Melt pieces of ice in a small plastic bag and place them on the affected area every hour for 20 minutes at a time for two days; do this three times per week throughout summer months when respiration is most difficult due to extreme humidity and temperature conditions such as workouts outside during warm weather conditions. If you don’t breathe well enough through your mouth because your tongue muscles are too weak from dehydration or autonomic dysreflexia issues such as diabetes mellitus type I (impaired sympathetic nervous

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