Why Is Profuse Sweating On A Hot Day Good, And Yet A Potential Problem?

Why does profuse sweating on a hot day in the summer become a problem? The answer to this question is that excessive sweating itself can cause heat exhaustion, which includes severe dehydration and heat stroke. Excessive sweating can also lead to hyperhidrosis, or excessively sweaty palms. Hyperhydrosis occurs when sweat glands are overactive, causing excessive amounts of perspiration. Normal levels of sweat are approximately 2 – 5ml per hour for most people, but some people may have more than 15-20ml per hour due to stress or illness. It is important that these people understand their own body’s natural level of perspiration and adapt accordingly if they need to reduce their own amount of perspiration below the normal range for personal comfort.

What is it like having profuse sweating on a hot day? Sweating will feel uncomfortable because it increases your core temperature and speeds up evaporation from your skin surface (evaporation = cooling). As you get hotter and lose water through evaporative cooling there’s less moisture left in your system which makes you feel thirsty sooner than usual; ultimately leading to dehydration [see When should I start drinking water after exercise]. Most people who suffer from super sweaty palms will know what we mean: try holding two heavy objects without using any other part of your arm while wearing gloves! If you’re extremely worried about how much clothes stick/stretch during physical activity then always wear compression shorts beneath tight workout clothes so all excess fluids move outwards towards the legs

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