Why Is My Toilet Tank Sweating?

my toilet tank is sweating. it does not leak or overflow, but gets quite hot to the touch when flushed, and i have read that a lot of people are having this problem. what can be causing it?

ANSWER: I do believe this may be a case of a clog in your toilet’s waste line or pipe. However, if one were to look up the symptoms on my site I think they would find that it might also be caused by an air lock in your home….mold/bacteria etc…which could cause severe damage to the inside of one’s house including baseboards/walls/floors etc..so you will need at least two different types of workers from two different companies come out here and take care of the issue as well as give me a call for further help with making sure you don’t have any mold problems going on within your home before we try anything else just so that we know where everyhing stands first…..the good news is though is that once they have looked into all those things then they will most likely send someone out next day depending on whether everything looks ok after they check out those areas….i hope this helps answer some questions for you today! please ask more questions if necessary so i am 100% sure about something being done correctly now!! thank-you very much!!! We have been getting many calls lately from customers asking why their toilets are sweat …I do believe this may be a case of a cl

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