Why Is My Nose Sweating?

nose sweating is very common, especially during colds and flu. It’s called rhinorrhea (referring to the dripping of secretions due to congestion) or sinus tachycardia (a rapid heartbeat). Other conditions that can produce nose sweating include infection, allergies, chronic illness, nasal polyps and tumors.

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My dog has brown urine! Why?

The normal coloring of your pet’s urine may vary between different breeds of dogs. For example, certain breeds have dark-colored stools while others have light-colored ones. This tendency toward one color over another is genetically determined by breeders who are breeding these particular dogs together for specific traits such as wooliness or darker colors in their fur. Most adult dogs come with a healthy diet; however there are some foods that will change the way they smell and sometimes even the way they look at you when you take them outside or walk them on leash! Some special diets also contain hormones which will cause changes in your pet’s urinary system (kidneys), reproductive organs etc., leading him/her to urinate differently than usual. Since each individual animal reacts slightly differently to food components contained in his/her diet – it is important that you talk with your veterinarian if this happens with your dog. The vet will consult with other vets about whether this food should be eliminated from any dietary products used on animals

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