Why Is My Head Sweating So Much?

No, I’m not making fun of you. It’s just that your brain is working overtime!

Why does my heart beat so hard?

That’s because it wants to go faster and stronger than before. That’s why athletes have a pulse rate of about 200 beats per minute when they first start running or jumping. But as they push past their limit, the heart begins to pump harder and more efficiently, reaching 300-350 beats per minute within a few minutes during intense exercise.

How should I take care of myself after exercising? Can I drink alcohol? Should I eat right away or wait an hour or two before eating something heavy like ice cream? What if all the food in my stomach falls out? Is there anything else that can upset me after exercising other than having too much water on board from sweating so much at the gym?! How long do these effects last for several hours??? Help!!!

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