Why Is My Head Sweating At Night?

Is it because my hair is still wet?

I have no idea how to react. I just shrug and walk away, laughing at myself for being so silly. He’s cute though, and he was very polite when we were talking about the weather — asking me what the weather was like in England and why I’m wearing a big coat on such a warm day. We move on to other topics: movies we watched recently (The Lord of the Rings trilogy), favorite books (Hey! Listen to this book!), our family members (his mom is an artist; mine has been out of touch with her siblings since she moved back from London).

His phone rings as we leave the bar. He doesn’t seem surprised by his friend calling him, but rather happy that he might get some relief from his own boredom after having talked with me for half an hour or so — either way, I can see that he knows how to enjoy himself even if life hasn’t given him too many opportunities lately.

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