Why Is My Hand Sweating So Much?

” “why am I not sleeping?”

It is easy to despair when you are on this path, but one of the most important lessons that yoga teaches us is that there are no problems or dilemmas in life. There are only solutions. When we feel like there must be something wrong with us, itis our ego telling us how bad off we actually are. But if we give up everything and follow exactly what the Yoga Sutras say (don’t try too hard; do your best; don’t worry), then eventually enough time will pass for our body to become healthy again naturally without any effort at all. If you want more information about these topics, please read my book The Secret Life of Fat: Why Your Waistline Is Not Your Destiny . It discusses the common misconception that fat people have a problem with their weight which causes them distress and unhappiness, when in reality they just need to learn some simple things about themselves so they can get better control over their lives once again!

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