Why Is My Feet Sweating?

Why am I sweating? What is the cause of my sweat? These are common questions asked by people who suffer from hyperhidrosis. There can be many reasons why your body might start sweating uncontrollably, and it’s important to understand what causes this so you can treat it in a more effective way.

Sweating is an essential part of being human, but sometimes excessive sweating can be uncomfortable or embarrassing when it happens unexpectedly at inappropriate times. Sweat often occurs due to anxiety or stress that affect our ability to regulate our own body temperature, resulting in perspiration. In severe cases, certain medical conditions such as diabetes may cause increased levels of adrenaline which results in being unable to control your body temperature through normal means [source: Mayo Clinic]. Other factors may also lead to abnormal sweat production including genetic predisposition and environmental issues such as heat or exercise [source: Mayo Clinic]. Of course, there are other possible causes for excessive sweating too; some people have darker skin which allows their bodies’ sweat glands to absorb more light than others’ skin does [source: University College London]. For instance, if someone has a lot of hair on their head or face then they will absorb more sunlight compared with someone without hair because the hairs reflect light back into the person’s eyes [source: New York Times]. If you’re suffering from any sort of condition that affects how much heat your body produces naturally — like hypothyroidism (a disease causing low thyroid hormones) — then these types

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