Why Is My Face Sweating?

Don’t panic, your face isn’t sweating because of the heat. Sweating is a process that occurs in hot and humid conditions when our body attempts to cool down by producing sweat. For some people, such as athletes or those with high blood pressure, this can be a problem caused by their bodies trying to regulate the temperature in order for them to perform optimally during exercise. Those who suffer from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) may experience excessive facial perspiration due to nervousness and anxiety . It doesn’t mean you’re ill however; it’s just part of what makes you uniquely human! You will also notice that if you’ve got something on your mind then even when sitting still there’ll be beads forming on your brows and upper lip area which indicate that “something” has triggered an overactive sympathetic nervous system response within the body which ultimately leads to increased perspiration. As we get older our ‘fight or flight’ mechanism becomes less responsive – generally speaking anyway… That’s why older people tend not too sweat much more than younger ones but they do have far fewer facial hairs so they don’t feel quite as sticky!!

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