Why Is My Dog Sweating So Much?

What is it that I can do to help my dog with this?

Should I be concerned about the amount of water he drinks or pee’s?

If so, what should I do? What is a normal amount for a Dachshund to drink and urinate??

Is there anything else you would suggest as far as diet goes. He is on Royal Canin Small & Toy Breed Puppy Formula which they have been feeding him since he was 5 weeks old now at 12 weeks he weighs 3lbs 14ozs which has been his weight from the time we got him. We know that some breeders give their dogs puppy food when they are 5-6 months instead of 6-8 but our breeder said she wanted us to start them off on adult food once they were older because puppies will eat like little kids if not properly raised..but then again our breeder says that everyone does things differently. So any advice would be appreciated thank you!

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