Why Is My Butt Sweating?

I have no idea why my butt sweats, but I definitely sweat in general. If you’re not used to it, it’s normal to just feel a bit uncomfortable at first.

What are the side effects of Bumgenius?

Bumgenius does cause some skin irritation because of its chemicals. This will subside after washing with cold water alone. It also has a scent which can be off-putting for many babies and toddlers who are sensitive to smells, so be sure to use an unscented detergent or one without fragrance if possible! You may want to try using baby wipes instead of wash cloths until your little guy gets used to this new smell (this is especially important if he has eczema). Some people report that their child’s diaper rash cleared up right away while others say they had issues longer than other cloth diapered babies; keep an eye on his rashes and let us know how things go!

Is there formula available for bumGenius diapers? Can I buy them online?

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