Why Is My Body Sweating At Night?

Women have sweat glands all over their bodies except for the palms of their hands and feet. Sweat can keep you cool, but when it’s excessive it can be uncomfortable because your body won’t produce enough moisture to keep you cool.

When sweat comes out in large amounts during the night or when temperatures are high, this is called night sweats. Night sweats are common in women after menopause as hormones change throughout life. But they also occur with other illnesses like diabetes, thyroid problems and an underactive adrenal gland (hypoadrenia). It may be a sign that another problem is making itself known. If sweating keeps occurring at night without much relief from using cold compresses or taking medicines to help reduce sweating, talk with your doctor about a new diagnosis of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism since these conditions often cause excessive sweating at night too. A hormone imbalance occurs if there’s not enough active thyroid hormone circulating through your veins while levels go up while inactive hormone remains in circulation longer than usual causing too much activity by the pituitary gland sending more TSH out into blood stream resulting in higher blood concentrations of T3 & T4 which increases overall metabolism leading to more perspiration [source: WebMD]. You will want to get on some right away instead of waiting until morning [source: Mayo Clinic].

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