Why Is My Baby Sweating?

If your baby is sweating excessively, it could be a sign that their body temperature is too high. They may have an infection, or they are healing incorrectly. Make sure to contact your doctor if the problem continues for more than two weeks without getting better.

Is fever part of my pregnancy?

Fever in pregnancy can happen at any time during the nine months of pregnancy and usually lasts about three days before going away on its own. You should not try to make your child feel better by trying to cool them down with cold compresses or apply ice packs to their head when they are sick because this can sometimes make things worse by upsetting their immune system and making them more vulnerable to bacteria that cause illness. Fever will only last as long as necessary for you baby’s health, so take care not to overheat yourself while taking care of a sick baby! If you suspect that heatstroke has occurred do talk with your doctor immediately or seek medical treatment from ambulance services or fire station

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