Why Is It Called Sweating Pipes?

“…I don’t know. I heard it from the guy who owns the place. He said that there was a time when people would use sweat as currency and we should try to keep the tradition alive, but he wasn’t very clear on whether or not that was true. He had some interesting stories though. If you listen closely, you can hear his voice cracking as he speaks about it. It seems like something really important happened in those pipes at one point. It probably got wet and then dried out and grew fuzzy around some of them and they just added ‘sweating pipes’ after that because it sounded good, but deep down inside me I feel like this is an ancient ritual intended to put yourself into a trance state so you can go inside each of those pipes and see visions of your ancestors or something crazy like that so give thanks for all their hard work building these things! That shit looks pretty fun anyway! There are all kinds of weirdos wandering up-and-down here right now looking for signs of life too which means we might see some funky stuff tonight if nothing else! Let’s do our best to make sure nothing happens before tomorrow morning guys!”

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