Why Is Doc Holliday Always Sweating?

Holliday is sweating because he’s in the hot sun. He also has a fiery temper, which can be seen in his speech when he talks to Doc about being “the best damn dentist west of the Pecos”. Holliday was very eccentric and could get very mad or upset easily. His main motivation for finding gold was to replace the money that he lost gambling before meeting Doc, who became good friends with him after they first met and had some common interests. He was known as an excellent marksman and confident gunman (he once said: “I just love shooting guns”). He made frequent references to having killed several people, though these claims were never confirmed by any official records nor evidence found at the sites where those men supposedly died as well as two eyewitnesses named James Arness and Gail Davis Lomax who claimed there were no such deaths on their land during those periods of time either.[7] In spite of this reputation, Holliday never carried out any murders himself; however, one theory suggests that despite not committing murder himself, he may have indirectly led others to their deaths.[8]

Doc’s skillful use of firearms earned him many enemies among outlaws like Billy Clanton,[9][10][11][12] Ike Clanton[13], Billy Claiborne,[14] Tom McLaury[15], Bob Olinger,[16] John Middleton,[17] Johnny Ringo[18][19][20], Joe Bowers

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