Why Is Dexter Always Sweating?

“Oh, that’s just because he doesn’t know when someone is watching him. You should get used to it eventually, even if you are a human. I watch over our village all the time, although I don’t do much of anything but check to make sure everyone knows not to stray too far from the village… Mmmh… Yes, yes! This one seems nice! Isn’t she lovely? She must be very smart and beautiful at the same time. Look how her clothes are sparkling with little twinkling stars… Although they look kind of boring on her body. Oh well~ It looks like she likes these colors more than others though~ Can you see any magical properties in this piece? That would be so cool! Maybe I should buy some for myself during my next trip out to town… Hmmph… You say there is someone else coming up behind me already? Well then what fun shall we have today? Ahahahahaha!! The day can only get better after that.. Don’t worry though Dexter will protect us both until dawn passes!!! There’s no need for guards here Dexter!”

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