Why I Wake Up Sweating?

why i wake up sweating? what causes it and how to stop it. It is a very annoying problem that can be quite irritating and uncomfortable at times. This article will help you understand the reasons behind sweating in the morning, various types of sweat and why we sometimes wake up with wet hair or warm body.

This disorder is often referred as night sweats or hot flashes . However there are many other names for this condition such as hyperhidrosis, puffy face syndrome , Pruritus ani etc. If you have been told by your doctor about your excessive sweating then read on to know more about this disorder called as hyperhidrosis which affects millions of people all over the world everyday.

Why Do We Sweat In The Morning ? What Causes This Condition ? How To Stop Excessive Sweating At Night? Let’s Take A Look Into Some Important Facts: People who suffer from excessive sweating experience problems like embarrassment , avoiding social interaction due to inability to control body odor/sweat, feeling self conscious when occurred during public situations etc., though these symptoms go away once they get used to their illness but some people don’t want too because they feel embarrassed so here’s how you can overcome those feelings :- You need not worry anymore if someone looks at you because of your sweaty palms . Tips:- Drink lots of water before going out – Keep yourself well hydrated – Wear loose clothing – Wipe hand after every use – Use talcum powder – Avoid

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