Why Humidity Causes Sweating?

The purpose of sweating is to remove heat from your body by evaporation, which takes place when sweat evaporates into the air. When you are hot, however, this process becomes disrupted because sweating can’t take place as effectively, so you feel uncomfortable and overheat even though there’s no actual increase in temperature. The primary cause of overheating is an elevated core body temperature (over 37°C), which increases with increased activity or exposure to high temperatures. Sweating is also stimulated by the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) under certain conditions.

I can’t believe how sweaty my armpits get! How do I stop that?

Hyperhidrosis affects about 25% of people at some point during their lives; it’s more common among women than men and occurs more frequently in people with anxiety disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). It may be triggered by stress or due to changes in hormones such as estrogen levels before menstruation begins—but many people have hyperhidrosis for years without knowing why they’ve been developing wet underarms all along. If you’re convinced that you don’t sweat enough then give our tips a go:

Sweat tends to flow outwards from hair follicles on your scalp and face first so keep those areas clean and dry first so they stay cool until it’s time for them to perspire too!

Use antiperspirants if required but don’t use them every day –

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