Why Have I Been Sweating In My Sleep?

Why do i wake up with wet sheets? Why does my heart race and pound so hard at times? And why is it so difficult to explain this to the doctor?”

You see, one night I was having a bad dream. A man was following me around saying that he wanted to kill me. He had all these crazy ideas about how he would murder me and then just leave my body out in the woods for wild animals to eat! It took him forever but eventually he came close enough where I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. My first impulse was to panic (or rather scurry) away like a frightened animal! But instead, I froze like an idiot… waiting for whatever evil thing was going happen next…

Then something strange happened; as soon as I felt his breath on my neck, all of sudden everything went dark, except for his eyes which were glowing brightly red!! They seemed almost demonic or hellish looking. As if possessed by some demon or devil himself! The only other time that has ever happened before is when someone looks into your soul….and you can tell things about them because their face turns white and they turn pale…but this man’s eyes were entirely black–no whites whatsoever no color at all-just blackness—almost looked dead!!! Just creepy!!! So anyway after what seems like forever & even though there are no windows in our bedroom, somehow it got bright outside..like day light hours later than usual..

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