Why Hand Palm Sweating?

This is one of the most common signs in people with palm sweating. It is also referred to as palmar hyperhidrosis or chronic palm sweating. This condition occurs when a person has an excessive amount of sweat glands on their hands and this causes them to be very sweaty all the time. People with this condition report that they feel like they have been walking around all day while wearing wet gloves, even though it hasn’t been more than a few minutes since they stopped working out!

Why does hand palm sweating cause the palms of my hands to get red?

This symptom can be caused by two different possible conditions:

1) Trigeminal Neuralgia – close your eyes after reading this word for a moment…and then open them again….isn’t it funny how some words just ‘pop up’ in our minds?! Here we go…if you didn’t know what trigeminal neuralgia was before you read these words, now you have learned about both its definition AND symptoms!! Isn’t that cool??!? 😉 In case there were still any doubts about what lotion I use, here is its official name: “Trigeminal neuralgia-associated dermatosis (TNAD) . Things got weird yet again…..how many names have we used so far? We had TNAD last chapter but we couldn’t resist using another one today…anyways…

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