Why Hand And Leg Sweating?

I don’t know. I really don’t know, but it’s fairly obvious that this is an attempt to keep us off balance; to make it difficult for us – even impossible – to know where the fingerprints are. Why hand sweating? Why not foot sweating? Or knee-paddling? We have no idea what these things are about, and I’m sure you do too. Let’s assume these people are trying simply enough to throw some confusion into our heads so that whatever they’re doing can go on undisturbed – or at least without interference from us. However, by mixing up their signals in such a way as to make them appear related, they may be able to persuade many of the public that the two items being correlated affect one another in some very strong way indeed. Once we begin looking for correlations between one thing and another which aren’t actually there, then their game is over.”

“It would seem,” said Mr Mercer grimly, “that someone has gone out of their way deliberately … well … damn violently…” He looked pained at his own phraseology “…to confuse any connection that might exist between those murders and the case currently under investigation.” He looked across at me with sudden interest: “You didn’t happen… er… you weren’t among the crowd outside St Giles’ church last night?” he asked anxiously. The look he gave me was full of supplication…. If only she had flown her colours!


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