Why Excessive Sweating?

Skin cancers

Did you know that in Japanese, the word for “skin” is also a euphemism for pubic hair? It’s true. In Chinese medicine, it is said that people with hairy thighs have a tendency to get skin cancer. Does this mean that if your leg hair grows too long or too thick it will turn into a malignant tumor on your thigh? No, of course not! But I still think it’s interesting to note. And let me tell you something else about body hair: men love women who have lots of it and they don’t mind if their woman has some! In fact, our bodies are so full of nerve endings where we can feel pleasure—and pain—that our doctors say there are more nerve endings on the head of a man than anywhere else! So maybe having perfectly groomed legs actually does make us happier.

Why do girls clean themselves up before going out at night?

It seems like these days all kids go through periods when they want to be completely different from how other people see them as individuals and try new hairstyles and fashions. Girls change their clothes frequently as well as what they wear under those clothes (shorts instead of skirts). These changes lead to one question: What do these girls do all day behind closed doors while everybody else is busy being gorgeous outside the house? We ladies certainly don’t spend any time primping or changing ourselves

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