Why Does The Process Of Sweating Cool Off The Human Body??

why is it that when one perspires, the temperature of the body does not go down ? why are there people who have to sweat all day long? why do we need to function in a warm environment only with our skin ?

The good Dr. Fardoon Farzan : I am glad that you asked this question because i feel that its very important for us as human beings to understand how our body works and what are some of the functions of sweating. The main aim here was to provide an answer so if anyone else has any questions about sweating i will try my best to answer them.

Sweating can be defined as excessive evaporation from various surfaces or areas of the human body. Sweating is controlled by thermoreceptors located on nerve endings throughout your skin which send information regarding environmental conditions back into your brain through nerves known as cranial branch neurons (CBN). It’s thought sweating is initiated by signals transmitted via CBN nerve fibers upon receiving an alert signal from thermoreceptors at deep nuclei in subcutaneous tissues, sub muscularis layer near muscles called pyramidal cells along with sympathetic preganglionic fibres originating from autonomic ganglia innervated by parasympathetic system . According to James Vannier , Professor Emeritus at University Health Sciences Center South Campus , Albany NY, “the first section of this neural pathway goes directly through blood vessels and terminates within four millimeters below epidermal surface.”

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