Why Does Sweating Cool You Off Quizlet?

Why does your skin sweat when you take a bath? Why do people perspire more in the summer than they do in winter? When you go to bed at night, is your body cooled or heated by sweat glands located on the back of your neck and underarms (axillae)? Sweating can be caused by many things. Some people are born with large numbers of sweat glands that produce excessive amounts of fluid. Other reasons for sweating include exercise, heat stroke, nervousness or anxiety; infections such as tuberculosis; hormonal changes; medications including diuretics (water pills) and steroids (medicines used to treat high blood pressure); diseases like diabetes mellitus which causes excess liquid buildup in the joints causing inflammation and increased production of hormones that cause sweating. Labels: Cooling Systems / Water Heater Thermostat

What makes water run down my back when I shower? What makes water run down my back when I shower?

Do i have wet spots between my legs after taking a shower Do you ever wake up feeling wet between your legs after taking a nice warm shower before bedtime?! This is very normal! It seems that there isn’t much air circulation around where we sleep so our bodies tend to keep moisture near our skin especially around our genitals because it’s naturally moist. The extra moisture just evaporates off during this time without us even noticing! But don’t worry…this change has no effect whatsoever on how clean you actually are! 🙂 http://

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