Why Does Scalp Itch When Sweating?

This is a very common question with many possible answers. A lot of people think that their scalp is burning, when in fact it’s just sweating. However, some people do have an irritant on the top of their head that can cause irritation to the scalp when they sweat or when it gets too hot outside. If you are experiencing intense itching after playing sports or exercising then this could be your issue. Here are some clues:

A) The skin above the forehead feels tight and painful (Picture 1). This may be caused by an irritant like poison ivy or another poisonous plant (Picture 2), but sometimes you won’t even know what it is because your body doesn’t tell you about these problems until they become severe enough for you to notice them (Picture 3). Even if there isn’t anything on your head yet, checking out pictures one through three will help determine whether certain plants need to go into the trashcan permanently or not! Sometimes plants don’t show up immediately so check around any area where someone has been gardening for signs of contact with a weed killer(picture 4) . Keep in mind that while bleach kills most things including poison ivy, rust can still remain active which could result in subsequent infection from the spray itself. It should also be noted that while vinegar will kill almost all bugs and other nasty critters ,it doesn’t necessarily get rid of everything within seconds as shown below- see picture 5 . Vinegar

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