Why Do I Wake Up Sweating In The Morning?

i’m not overweight or anything like that. any help would be greatly appreciated


Post 37 I am sweating at night. It starts around 6 p.m., and lasts until the next morning. During the day, I get hot flashes sometimes (but it’s not very often). When this happens, my hands get sweaty also. Does anyone know what is causing this? Also, when does all of this start happening? -Wow-mee2k3@yahoo.com


Post 36 I have been suffering from excessive sweating for over ten years now and had never thought about having any medical problems until just recently when i lost weight to look better in a bathing suit! A doctor took one look at me while i had some blood work done and told me im suffering from hyperthyroidism!!!! This seemed so odd to me because i had never heard of it before but he said i was suffering with an underactive thyroid gland which can cause perspiration through your pores on parts of your body where there are no sweat glands.. Anyone else suffer similarly?? please let us know how you’re doing!! –a_british_girl2003@hotmail.co .uk 11/16/05 –SK1D4L0NX@aol .com 12/5/05 10:49pm PST reply by SK1D4L0NX [email protected] 12/6/05 6:

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