Why Do I Wake Up Sweating In A Cold Room?

Excessive sweating is sometimes called hyperhidrosis, which means you sweat too much. When people say they have excessive sweating, they usually mean that their hands are wet all the time or that their armpits are extremely wet at night. This kind of excessive sweating isn’t quite as bad as what happens in some other diseases where your entire body sweats with no signs of stopping. In these cases it’s called primary hyperhidrosis—the extra sweating is caused by a disease process inside your body not involving another part of your body.

Too Much Sweating Causes Heartburn

Heartburn occurs when gas irritates the stomach and causes pain right next to the breastbone (sternum). If this happens often enough, it can make you feel very uncomfortable and make sleeping difficult because you awaken from sleep feeling like something is wrong with your heart or chest area. The most common cause for heartburn is having too little hydrochloric acid, which makes up about 75 percent of our stomach acid production (see “The Truth About Your Stomach Acids” on page 60). It also helps to eat smaller meals more frequently than we normally do so we don’t overeat and put pressure on our intestines during digestion. Also, if we eat foods high in fat and protein after 3:00 P . M., our food may sit longer in our digestive system before being fully digested; this allows more undigested food to travel

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