Why Do I Wake Up Sweating At Night?

i am a female and i wake up sweating at night. I had my period for the first time ever this month, but that has nothing to do with it. Why can’t i stop sweating in the middle of the night?

ANSWER: It’s hard to know what’s causing insomnia without more information! However, there is such a thing as too much testosterone (naturally occurring) — you may have heard of men who seem to be “hyper-sexual” or even turned on by certain things…well, they are not normal! They are suffering from hypo-androgenism which will lead to depression and other mental issues along with excessive libido if left untreated. This condition MUST be addressed right away otherwise these changes will worsen into full blown gender identity disorder/disorder which is life threatening unless treated early by medical professionals with proper therapy. If you are experiencing all of these symptoms related to hyperandrogenism then see your doctor immediately!! And here’s one last tip about having trouble sleeping….make sure that caffeine is NOT being consumed around bedtime because it suppresses REM sleep — so don’t drink any coffee or tea after 2pm in an effort to fall asleep early!

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