Why Do I Start Sweating When I Have To Pee?

i dont have to pee that often but when i do get up real quick for a second and go, I start sweating. it is not hot outside…just uncomfortable! if you could help me out with this one i would be very happy .


Post 24 My husband has the same problem. He sweats profusely every time he has to pee. He rarely gets up in the middle of the night, but it happens sometimes because he can’t sleep too well without his medication interfering with him falling asleep easily. What should we do? Do you think he should try using a cup or something else instead of standing naked by the toilet? Is there anything else that can help us solve this problem at night while I sleep comfortably through it all?! If so, what? Please tell me! Thank you anon –I’m getting desperate here! view entire post


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