Why Do I Start Sweating When I Eat?

Start sweating at the same time every day and you will be able to tell if your body is responding to something. If it does, then there’s a cause for concern that needs further investigation. Did this start with a specific food or change recently? Are you pre menopausal? These are just some questions worth asking yourself as we look into what might be going on. Don’t over think it – if the answer isn’t clear cut, take comfort in knowing that most of us have these bodily changes as part of aging and not something to worry about!

Do any foods make me sweat more than others?

No one foods cause us to sweat but certain situations can make our bodies react differently depending on what we eat or drink before or after eating those things which causes the sweating response. This seems counter intuitive unless you know why our bodies do this! When we first got married my wife would get freaked out when she saw I was still drinking all those beers…she thought that meant I was getting drunker by the minute! That wasn’t true so she tried reasoning with me about it before I could even ask her anything…it didn’t work though because once she heard me talk about how much alcohol makes my body smell like beer pretty much from shampoo all the way through showering ,shaving, etc..then within minutes she would see me smelling like a brewery herself without meaning too!! Once I told her how much beer made my skin smell nice

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