Why Do I Start Sweating After Drinking Water?

I’m just wondering because i always sweat after drinking water. What could it be?

This is the first time I’ve ever posted to this site, but here goes! My friend and I went out for a drink last night. Won’t call her my girlfriend because she isn’t, but we’re pretty good friends with benefits ;). Anyways by the end of our third or fourth drink, we were both super drunk and stumbling around New York City at one in the morning. We ended up going back to her place… She had a few girls over so there was some kissing going on which made things a little more intense. After everyone left, she laid down on her bed and started going through “the usual” & fell asleep hours before me. At around two o’clock I decided that staying in my clothes would not be fun so I got up to take a shower as well as pick something clean from hers to wear since mine were all dirty from being drunk all night long 😛 So now here’s my question: Where do you go when you have sex with someone who has been sleeping for several hours after getting wasted? And if possible what are your thoughts about having sex while they’re still half-asleep? Is it okay if they don’t remember anything afterwards or will they feel violated by it anyway even though they weren’t aware of everything happening during those hours beforehand? Thank You! -Jared—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Hey Everyone!! For anyone that hasn

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