Why Do I Sometimes Wake Up Sweating?

i have been waking up sweaty ever since i was a kid. it doesn’t really happen very often, but when it does it is horrible. I sweat in my sleep and sometimes wake up with wet sheets or clothes on top of me. It can cause a lot of anxiety for me because i feel like there is something wrong with me and questions if something bad will happen to me while im sleeping if i wake up sweating? [sic]

In case you missed the part about ‘waking up sweaty,’ please note that this question has already been answered several times by doctors who know more than I do.* In any case: yes, some people are afflicted with what is called Primary Night Sweats (PNS). These individuals suffer from PNS during the night only — they don’t get cold sweats in response to exercise — and they can fall asleep without experiencing PNS at all. The severity depends upon the individual; many sufferers experience mild discomfort/irritation during their nightly rest periods caused by regular activation of primary thermal receptors within their skin which help regulate body temperature.[1][2]The treatment for PNSS involves avoiding certain triggers which might aggravate your condition such as extreme heat/cold, exercising after dark or taking medications that interfere with thermoregulation such as drugs to lower blood pressure or antihistamines.[3]If you believe you may be suffering from primary night sweats we highly recommend consulting a doctor before making

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