Why Do I Keep Sweating While I Sleep?

i sweat when i sleep and wake up with wet hair. please help me!

Answer: It sounds like you may be experiencing a condition called hyperhidrosis which can cause excessive sweating in the night as well as during waking hours. The most common type of this problem is primary, or idiopathic (meaning we don’t know what causes it), meaning there’s no known medical reason for your sweating episodes and often they occur at random times throughout the day and night. Although you’ll find several articles about hyperhidrosis on our website, I want to mention two that have been helpful to many people who have suffered from this disorder – Hyperhidrosis Treatment by Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development, an NIH-funded study published in 2007 that examined various treatments for facial blemishes such as eczema, seborrhea/psoriasis, acne vulgaris and other skin disorders; Dry Skin Care by Dr. Ross Hyland DermNet NZ Reviewed 1 week ago From a quick search on PubMed, I found a couple papers suggesting non-invasive medications may work but not necessarily eliminating all symptoms because some patients still perspire at night despite taking those medications. For example see one paper from July 2014 titled “Nonpharmacologic Therapy for Nocturnal Sweating” http://www2aacpjournalsorgdoi1041121406271 In that article researchers suggest dantrolene sodium might be

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