Why Do I Keep Sweating In My Sleep?

(self.AskWomen) submitted 3 days ago by kjames17 “This is normal?!?” Yes, this is normal. It’s called sleep apnea and it means that your body can’t breathe while you’re asleep.

How to Tell If You Have Depression (with Photos) – wikiHow depression affects the way you think, feel, act, or function on a daily basis for at least two weeks; five of the following symptoms are present: • Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed • Feeling sad or empty most of the day even if not depressed • Sleeping too much or too little every day • Irritability and anger over small things frequently

3 reasons why hot flashes after pregnancy are totally normal | Daily Mail Online ‘The positive thing I’ve learnt about all this? Hot flushes are completely natural during pregnancy,’ she said.’They usually last no more than 10 minutes but can still be incredibly uncomfortable.’

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