Why Are You Sweating Step Brothers?

“I think we should change the subject,” he said. “Can we talk about something else?”

I wasn’t sure if that was a yes or no question. I rolled my eyes and asked him to come over and sit down on my bed instead of standing in front of it like a weirdo that was trying to catch up with his step brother without any clothes on. He perched himself at the end of my bed, since I had enough room for three people (though he could’ve sat anywhere) and looked me dead in the eyes as I tried to ignore how hot he looked right now. His hair fell loose around his shoulders; it blew gently back from his face when someone walked by outside, making him look even more boyish than usual—which is saying something because this guy’s got some seriously rugged good looks going on for him otherwise… especially with those blue-green eyes… but they were also kind of crazy right now too… Maybe some psycho killer vibe thingy was happening here… But who really cares what you’re thinking anyway… only your girlfriend would care! And she can be pretty annoying sometimes…. Wait…. What’s wrong with me?! Sometimes I just don’t know myself anymore! Who am I kidding!?

He broke into one of those smiles again then—that smile that made all girls want to throw themselves at him just so they could get close enough for their hearts not to beat out of their chests

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