Why Are My Hands Sweating?

“Because I have a gun.”

Jade was alone in this room with him, but she had her phone out and was looking at the screen as if by staring at it she could somehow bring help to them from somewhere far away. It occurred to me that there might be no one else who could hear what they were saying over the police scanner—that even though Adam had called his partner ten minutes earlier, he hadn’t told her about my presence here yet. But then again, maybe not. Maybe I couldn’t reach anyone through this channel either because of all the static or because of their inability to get through at all under these conditions. Either way, I didn’t know how long we had before any backup arrived—if ever. The most important thing right now wasn’t only saving Jade but also keeping Adam alive for when he finally did call back his partner or search for help on his own radio frequencies. And that meant getting rid of this asshole before he shot us both full of holes like clay pigeons in target practice. Whatever happened after that would surely be less than ideal—or so I thought until I glanced up at him and saw something happen behind those dead eyes which seemed to make everything worthwhile: He looked frightened…very scared…for himself and whoever stood next to him in harm’s way….

Not good!

And with each passing moment it became

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