Why Are My Hands Constantly Sweating?

Many people are aware that there are different types of armpit sweat, but few know why this occurs. The main theory is because the heat inside an armpit actually burns up sweat glands. When these glands encounter excessive heat, they release a large amount of water to cool it down. This water evaporates much faster than normal and leaves behind chemicals called antiperspirants which can irritate skin around the underarm area leading to excessive sweating in that location.

What causes me to have sweaty palms?

There are many possible reasons for your hands to be sweaty, but one of the most common ones is poor circulation in those areas due to nerve damage or arthritis swelling in those nerves resulting in more perspiration on your fingertips and palm areas as well as other parts of your body such as feet and shins where you feel raised bumps under them (this could also indicate a nerve problem). Another reason may be vitamin deficiency – check with your doctor if you don’t think you’re getting enough vitamins by eating right and taking supplements!

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