Why Are My Hands And Feet Sweating?

She lifted her head up, looking around. “Is that the Doctor?” She said in a whisper.

He was standing outside of the cell watching them with binoculars. “Yes it is… What are you doing here?” He asked as he stepped inside and locked the door behind him before turning back to look at her again through his glasses..

Her eyes widened as she looked at him, reaching out for hold of his hand, needing something to hold onto while she tried to make sense out of this situation. “Where are we… Why are we here? Who am I? Where did they take me from?! Are my friends okay?!” Her voice was loud and panicked; she had no idea why this man would be there or what he wanted with her but all she knew was that if he could help her find answers then maybe he could also find a way home. More importantly though; if anyone could get her out of this place then it would probably be him….

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