Why Are My Feet Sweating?

If you have a temperature, it may be a sign of an infection or other medical problem. Sometimes a fever can signal that your immune system is fighting off an infection. If you’ve recently been sick and your fever persists, wear socks whenever possible to keep the bottoms of your feet dry.

Why do I get blisters on my feet?

Blisters are small, raised areas of skin that often form where there’s friction (such as between two shoes) or pressure (between foot and shoe). They normally disappear within 48 hours after they first appear; if not, take them seriously and see a doctor at once for treatment. Call ahead so the doctor will know to expect you (or stop by early if he doesn’t practice at home). Blisters also may indicate another condition such as diabetes or an allergy that requires immediate attention from your doctor or allergist.

Why does my heart beat faster than normal when I exercise?

This phenomenon occurs because elevating blood pressure during aerobic activity stimulates dilation in small veins throughout the body — including those in the legs — which increases blood volume and therefore makes muscles feel more powerful even though they aren’t working any harder than usual: At 30 minutes into this workout program for women over 40 taken from Chapter 2: Strength Training & Stretching Activities 1–8, we started with 3 sets of 10 contractions at 75% maximum intensity followed by 5 minutes rest before repeating

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