Why Are My Feet Sweating So Much Lately?

“The air conditioner is on. I think it should be working by now.”

I wiped the sweat from my forehead and tried to smile at him, but I was too tired for that either. “It should be fine in a few minutes; we just need the temperature to get up here before we can turn it off and let things cool down again.” My voice sounded like rattling tin cans as I spoke, and not because of any actual bad sound quality in my phone call with Chad, but more because even though he couldn’t see me right then, his mind’s eye still saw me standing there sweating around a bunch of electronics instead of being curled up next to him all night long! He had probably always hated coming home early from work when it meant missing out on what used to be one of his favorite times together—the time they spent together after service each Sunday morning with their kids during our weekly family worship service—but this wasn’t exactly how he’d pictured spending that time anyway since last week’s incident had left us both wondering if Adulting would ever again feel like an enjoyable thing for either one of us…or anyone else anymore!

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