Why Are My Feet Sweating But Are Cold?

My feet are sweating but they’re cold, why is that? This means you have a common problem with your thermostat. Your home’s HVAC system is designed to run at the temperature specified for the room you are in. If it gets too hot or too cold, then it automatically adjusts its settings so that all rooms of your house are at the same temperature. The only time this stops happening is when someone closes an outside door or window, which allows cool air into that particular room through the vents – and thus turns off heat. When this happens, heat will be turned on again several minutes later if no one opens another door/window to let more cool air in again. A clothes dryer running for awhile will also cause this as well make sure your HVAC thermostat is set properly (usually on “auto” mode). If not – reset by following these steps: 1) Turn off power 2) Unplug filter 3) Open valve between furnace and outdoor condenser unit 4) Close valve 5) Turn power back on 6) Wait about 30 seconds 7) Press reset button 8 )Wait about 16 seconds 9 ) Press start button 10 ) Wait until fan comes on 11 ) Press stop 12 ) Wait 15-30 secs 13 fourteen Power down; then turn AC back on 14 fifteen Attach water hose to fill bucket 15 sixteen Fill bucket six times 17 eighteen Set thermostat to most comfortable setting 19 twenty Do step 20 every night before bedtime

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