Why Are My Feet Sweating All Of A Sudden?

Q. I keep trying to stop smoking, but it’s really hard for me to not smoke or drink alcohol if someone is around me. What can I do?

A. For some people, the desire to enjoy drugs and alcohol is stronger than any fear of consequences that might come from doing so. It can be very difficult for them to resist this temptation when they are around other people who are also using these substances (or even if there aren’t others present). If you have trouble stopping use of these substances on your own, having a trusted friend or family member nearby may help you relax enough to quit on your own. A combination of psychological support and positive reinforcement can help turn things around in many cases where physical reasons fail; however, sometimes the motivation just isn’t there anymore! You should think about whether or not getting into recovery services will benefit you more than continuing with drug/alcohol use by yourself at this point – your health problems will continue without treatment until you get sober!

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